Community Building

The last nail has been hammered. The paint is dry. The lights are on. The moving van fades away in the distance. You've moved in. Surrounded by mountains of cardboard boxes, newspapers, cleaning supplies and pizza crusts, a frightening thought crosses your mind: am I ready to live in this community?

Just as important as building the bricks and mortar of your new community, is building the personal and working relationships among the people who will now be neighbors. views the development and construction timeline as a fertile training ground in which the future residents can:

  • accelerate and enhance community living skills;
  • refine meeting management and decision-making abilities and use conflict constructively;
  • learn how to manage the completed facility more effectively;
  • get the community built with greater ease and less stress by drawing on the experience of 's professionals who specialize in cohousing and group development.

emphasizes community building work along with the group's input into the design of the physical community. You benefit from the lessons learned and best practices identified through our abundant experience and expertise: Ann Zabaldo's 15 years as a cohousing founder, member, and entrepreneur. We're happy to speak with you anytime about what we do and how we do it!

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